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VillaSport is a premiere destination for family-oriented fitness and activities with locations in Texas, Colorado, Oregon and California. More than a fitness club, it strives to give its members extraordinary programs, equipment, facilities and services. So, when it comes to VillaSport’s indoor and outdoor pools, they trust our waterslide and aquatic play unit designers to bring the water fun.

As a matter of consistency and brand across all VillaSport locations, each location has a similar waterslide and aquatic play unit. For the outdoor pool area in Cypress (and Woodlands, TX, Beaverton, OR and San Jose, CA), we designed a white spiral waterslide with a brown tower. For the indoor pool area, we designed an aquatic play unit with spray features, two mini slides and a water bucket in playful colors. Plus, we include little extras like the log waterslide and turtle spray feature to make the pool areas fun and unique for VillaSport’s youngest members in the outside pools.

VillaSport has a long track record of successful projects with Splashtacular®. Not only do we have their facilities and design down pat for smooth installations, but we also provide a high level of quality and service. Splashtacular serves as a one-stop source for VillaSport for everything related to their waterslides and aquatic play units. Whether it’s a maintenance need or a project request at another location, they make one call, and it’s handled. VillaSport is dedicated to providing an exceptional environment for their guests, so quality is key. Our 100 percent stainless steel aquatic play units and KEEP IT SHINYTM protective coating for the slides give VillaSport years of long wear.