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A Source of Pride for City Councils and Residents

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More Bang, Bells & Whistles for Your Waterpark Budget

Municipal committees have a responsibility to their city’s residents to be budget conscious and deliver a waterpark everyone can be proud of. Whether that calls for starting with a plot of dirt or breathing new life into an existing waterpark, Splashtacular® is the company that’s done it thousands of times over across the country.

Does your committee have concrete ideas on waterslides and aquatic play units it wants included? Does it want to leave the design to the experts? Either way, our team works closely with aquatic engineers to make it happen – quickly and creatively.

Beyond experience and innovation, Splashtacular brings the following to your municipal waterpark project:

  • Creative theming
  • Versatile designs
  • Unmatched selection of colors, translucent features and multi-sensory options
  • A quick turnaround time
  • Highest quality components and durable finishes

Add New Twists and Turns to Your Waterpark