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In the Dictionary Under “On Time”

You’ll See Splashtacular®

Take our designs for a spin

More Than Just Guests are Riding on This Waterpark’s Slides and Features

Contractors are under the gun to get a waterpark project closed out. Installers – not just good installers, but great installers – are needed who will do the job right. With thousands of municipal and private waterpark projects under our belt, Splashtacular™ is a company you can count on to stay on your schedule. We know that even the most flawless install job on the planet doesn’t matter if it’s finished late.

Working with Splashtacular means:

  • Custom equipment with mass market affordability
  • Unmatched ease of installation
  • Reaching milestones and hitting schedules
  • On-going communication

Closing out a waterpark project depends on working with quality, experienced installers. Choose Splashtacular.

Add New Twists and Turns to Your Waterpark