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A new waterpark attraction is set to open in Visalia, California’s Adventure Park in the spring of 2019. This family-owned waterpark takes its theme from the nearby Sequoia National Park.

At the center is Spashtacular’s Mega Play Unit, the largest in our play unit line-up, includes 125 interactives, spray features, waterslides, a 7- x 7-foot 900-gallon tipping bucket (the largest in the industry), a 350-gallon Super SplashDome® and more. In all, the waterpark spans 90 x 90 feet and is 38 feet at its summit.

Below are a few other aspects that make this waterpark and Mega Play Unit special.

Safety First… and Foremost
Splashtacular’s team was tasked with ensuring this Mega Play Unit met the waterpark owner’s safety considerations. There is a zero entry to make it fun and safe for the littlest guests and no standing water which helps mitigate risks. Beyond safety, the zero entry and lack of standing water allows the waterpark owners to hire supervisors at a lower wage instead manning every station with certified lifeguards. Supervision consists of five attendants who are strategically placed on and around the play unit, allowing for lower costs of operation and better safety for guests.

Age-Appropriate Layout Keeps Guests of All Ages Safe and Entertained
The Mega Play Unit is designed to welcome younger guests with interactive play features, including tipping buckets, kiddie racers, smaller waterslides, water bombs, leaky wheels and water blasters and other safer water play fun. The more thrilling aspects, like the tipping bucket, Super SplashDome and longer waterslides, are located further into and up in the play unit to draw in older guests and away from the calmer area for younger guests.

A Beautiful, Immersive Theme
Sequoia National Park is full of inspiration that our designers were able to carry through the entire waterpark. Every season is represented through the use of greens, browns, golds, oranges and blues. Plus, a large “Sequoia National Park” sign is mounted nearly 30 feet in the air to anchor the theme.

Between the layout, variety of attractions, theme, inclusive environment and queuing systems, California’s Adventure Park is packed with features that make a waterpark successful.