Double BowlsEye™ is an interactive slide experience that touches all senses. From the towering 60-foot tall launch platform, riders gaze into two 54-inch enclosed slides entering opposite sides of an enormous bowl. The group of 4 riders is separated into (2) two-person rafts, which are positioned back to back on custom controlled launch platforms.

Once riders are properly seated, they are simultaneously propelled in opposite directions and disappear into darkness. Within seconds, daylight appears as they enter the massive bowl before realizing they are not alone, but are instead being chased by the riders in the other raft! Each respective raft then terminates through a porthole into a finish lane only to  challenge the competition to a rematch.

  • Heigh: 59′ 6″
  • Footprint: 85′ x 105′
  • 4 riders at a time (2 per entry)
  • Required rafts are hand carried
  • No pool required